The Mate Retention Inventory-Short Form (MRI-SF)

以下の項目は,Buss et al. (2008) *1より引用した,配偶者保持行動のリストです。


Called to make sure my partner was where she said she would be

Snooped through my partner’s personal belongings

Concealment of Mate

Did not take my partner to a party where other men would be present

Took my partner away from a gathering where other men were around

Monopolization of Time

Insisted that my partner spend all her free time with me

Spent all my free time with my partner so that she could not meet anyone else

Jealousy Induction

Talked to another woman at a party to make my partner jealous

Showed interest in another woman to make my partner angry

Punish Mate’s Infidelity Threat

Became angry when my partner flirted too much

Threatened to break up if my partner ever cheated on me

Emotional Manipulation

Pleaded that I could not live without my partner

Told my partner that I was dependent on my partner

Commitment Manipulation

Told my partner that we needed a total commitment to each other

Asked my partner to marry me

Derogation of Competitors

Pointed out to my partner the flaws of another man

Told my partner that another man was stupid

Resource Display

Bought my partner an expensive gift

Took my partner to a nice restaurant

Sexual Inducements

Performed sexual favors to keep my partner around

Had a physical relationship with my partner to deepen our bond

Appearance Enhancement

Made myself extra attractive for my partner

Made sure that I looked nice for my partner

Love and Care

Complimented my partner on her appearance

Displayed greater affection for my partner

Submission and Debasement

Gave in to my partner’s every wish

Went along with everything my partner said

Verbal Possession Signals

Told my same-sex friends how much my partner and I were in love

Bragged about my partner to other men

Physical Possession Signals

Put my arm around my partner in front of others

Held my partner’s hand when other men were around

Possessive Ornamentation

Asked my partner to wear my ring

Gave my partner jewelry to signify that she was taken

Derogation of Mate

Told other men my partner was a pain

Told other men that my partner was not a nice person

Intrasexual Threats

Stared coldly at a man who was looking at my partner

Gave a man a dirty look when he looked at my partner

Violence Against Rivals

Got my friends to beat up someone who was interested in my partner

Slapped a man who made a pass at my partner

*1:Buss, D. M., Shackelford, T. K., & McKibbin, W. F. (2008). The Mate Retention Inventory-Short Form (MRI-SF). Personality and Individual Differences, 44(1), 322–334. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2007.08.013